Life Is Short, And For Good Reason More Meaningful

In 1605, the great Life Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra wrote, in the voice of Don Quixote of La Mancha. In 1605 that the story is the role of a smart man to be able to save his money. Today to come back tomorrow and not to put all his eggs into one basket. However, how smart is this? I’m not sure.

It is the height of folly to keep oneself for tomorrow if one desires a meaningful existence, and simply leads. To an un-lived life, filled with nothing but unrealized possibilities and what-might-have-beans. The wisest person must surely be living a full and authentic life?

In a secular world at the very least, we seem to be taking this shrewd wisdom to heart. It seems to be the foundation of optimization’s of the financial portfolio. Which is a maxim that one should diversify one’s portfolio and avoid taking too much risk in an investment. On the surface, this could appear to be a sound and rational approach. To life and approach life as an economic issue where this method clearly is beneficial. For investment returns and most importantly minimize losses. The more we avoid and the less we are at risk. Since commitment typically means leaving other choices in the dust. It’s a risky decision.

In the context of psychotherapy borrowing the theories of Carl Gustav Jung people who are living as if time was endless, with all options open, are called Pour Alterna. Eternal children. It is through firmly establishing oneself in reality, and committing to it, taking a path of action, becoming determined and so on that one develops.

Minimal Life

Puers are living a minimal life, which is mostly an exercise in avoiding reality. The state of being described is nothing more than listening to stories about wine tasting or listening to music and watching someone go through an exhale on a screen, and expecting it to be an adequate substitute for experiencing these things in real life.

Jung wrote nearly century back. It’s as if a mysterious force is dragging us ever away from reality. We were in a secluded space, teaching and collaborating over Zoom that has remained even after the lockdowns. As we enter the Metaverse, humanity could be able to disconnect further from the world of reality and from reality

Technology is a powerful tool, and I’m certainly not negating the benefits for Zoom as well as virtual reality (which obviously may allow for more immersion in Zooming) however, it is imperative to remain alert to avoid falling victim to the attempts to undermine our capabilities and our necessity to make decisions that are crucial.

Responsible Is Essentially

A society that is unable to take action that affects the world in that they are responsible is essentially a society of children, no matter their age. In fact, psychologist Dan Kiley once recast this pour complex as a reference to J. M. Barrie’s archetypal character Peter Pan, the boy who didn’t grow up with a motto that reads. Stars are beautiful, however, they might not participate in anything. They must just stare for the rest of their lives.

The pour may experiencing ecstasies innumerable but find themselves, as Barrie put it Barrie once more, looking through the window at the one joy from which must for ever barred. This is also the case for those who are unable to commit to a specific future, individual or job. They can’t be said to live a life that meaningful or connect properly to the rest of the human race and the people who live there. They live in a simulation.

Jung described this state as the provisional life. The life same is true for earlier times the stoic philosopher Lucius Anneals Seneca, in his work On the Shortness of Life describes tossing around rather than tossing about rather than being a journey, which forges an avenue through the vastness of possibilities using intention as well as design and confidence. The life is not just a matter of existence. It’s more than just passing through the passage of time.